Alexandra Daffner

Alexandra began her yoga journey in 2009. After being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Alexandra wanted a natural solution to supplement her wellness plan. 

She found that the practice offered a powerful way to help calm down her busy mind. As a person also in SA and Trauma recovery, yoga also provided a way for her to reclaim a sense of safety in her body after experiencing trauma.

It is her dream to share this practice that has helped her so much on her mental health journey, with others. After years of teaching Trauma-Informed yoga classes in Treatment Centers throughout The Valley, she wanted to reach a wider audience. 

In opening The Spiritually Fit Co-Op she is excited to provide challenging but approachable classes. Her favorite classes to teach are all-levels classes, female-only classes, and kids and teens events. She is a Trauma-informed RYT and a Pediatric Behavioral therapist. She makes it her mission to create an inclusive and safe environment for yoga and mindfulness for all ages and abilities.