Chris was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and eventually relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. The first time he stepped foot on a yoga mat was in treatment (at Scottsdale Recovery Center) in a class taught by Spiritually Fit in 2020. He likes to say that his yoga journey parallels his recovery journey. His journeys started when he started truly putting in the work! 

Chris has his degree in Biology, loves music festivals, and is not afraid to dance in public! He is forever inspired by his teachers who have pushed him to challenge myself in the Asana (postures) of the yoga practice. 

Chris is partial to arm balances and inversions and in his classes you can expect OPTIONS to explore your practice, modify as necessary, and deepen your expression of the poses. Chris says that yoga has provided him with a space to apply the tools and principles he has learned through traditional recovery modalities, one-practice-at-a-time!