Edana was raised outside of Houston, TX and relocated to Phoenix in 2015. She discovered yoga while in treatment for drugs and alcohol in 2020. The company that introduced her to yoga was none other than Spiritually Fit Recovery.

After 28 years of struggling with her addictions, she thought working with others in a treatment setting would help keep her on the right path. She became certified to teach yoga in 2022. 

She loves being able to introduce others to this healing practice that has brought her so much peace, health, joy and healing. She teaches with a heavy focus on the breath and yoga being a mindfulness practice. She emphasizes that yoga is a movement meditation to her students. She is very passionate about music and uses it as a tool in treatment centers to get her ‘naysayers’ to participate and fall in love with the practice. 

She loves flow, power yoga, ashtanga and 26 posture classes. She also loves guiding meditations and adding some sound healing instruments to those meditations. Edana considers herself to be a Spiritually Fit Recovery success story and is grateful to work with, and learn from, the Spiritually Fit family.