Jacob Daffner

Jacob spent most of his adolescence and young adulthood lost, using chemicals and people to create a false sense of self and meaning in life. Defeated and desperate after struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade, Jacob finally hit a point where he reached out for help.

This help came in many forms; support from family and friends, detox, inpatient rehabilitation, and a variety of 12-step meetings- and yoga. Yoga brought him a sense of peace and serenity that he had been searching for his entire life. In the first year of his recovery from addiction, Jacob became a yoga instructor.

Realizing that he had a gift- a unique and effective way to bring this solution to other people in recovery. He started teaching yoga at rehab centers and later created the non-profit Spiritually Fit Recovery, Inc. Jacob’s passion was found through his recovery. 

He now makes it his mission and life’s work to bring yoga to those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in any stage of their recovery process. He hopes that opening the Co-Op will continue to spread this across the community on a larger scale.